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"We are impressed by the tenacity, perseverance and dedication taken by the Robert N. Dani Inc. Investigative Agency in saving us from a fraudulent workers compensation claim. Attention to detail led by an experienced staff allowed us to invest precious resources and money in company investment instead of waste."

"We knew of the highly revered reputation that Robert N. Dani, Inc. is known for in investigating workers compensation claims. We sensed an inconsistency brewing in a suspected claim. We consider Robert N. Dani, Inc. an indispensable resource with a proven track record that we can trust."

I have been an Oklahoma claims adjuster for over twenty-five years and have been working with this Investigative Agency for almost that same length of time. Private Investigators, who provide good quality work, are hard to come by. I have made many referrals to them in the past years and have received great results. It is realized that investigators will not always find the claimant to be working and/or active. Whatever the case may be, I have received always acknowledgements, prompt verbal modifications, e-mails, and reports from this company. All investigative reports received from Robert N. Dani have been professional and precise. I have had great results from this company with regard to getting video of the claimant working, which moves the insurance carrier to shut down Temporary Total Disability benefits. One case in particular was when we were paying Permanent Total Disability for many years, and the surveillance video from this Investigative Agency allowed the PTD Order to be reversed and those benefits ceased. We were then able to settle and close this case out for a significant amount less. We would never been able to have this end result without the assistance of Robert N Dani, Inc. Another assignment led to a successful prosecution for Workers' Compensation Fraud.
Stacia R. Smith - Casualty Claims Adjuster

I have been involved in adjusting claims for over twenty years and have worked in California, Virginia, and Oklahoma. I consider myself to be very fortunate to have been introduced to this firm early on in my career in Oklahoma and have worked with them for over a decade. The one word I would use to describe them is responsiveness. Whether I called, faxed or emailed, there was always a prompt response. More often than not, I had cases that needed to be worked that same day or on short notice and they were always able to acommadate my requests and provide results. That is what my clients expect of me and I know Dani Investigative Agency will deliver when I make a referral. The one case that stands out over the years was a likely permanent total disability claim of a claimant in his early 40's. He had underwent multiple surgeries, did not speak English and limited education. Claimant Attorney thought they had the upper hand but we had Dani Investigative Agency surveillance showing the claimant being active including climbing a ladder and helping remodel his two story house. There is nothing sweeter for an Adjuster to be at a mediation and having the claimant deny taking pert in that activity and then having the video shown for his Attorney, their legal assistant, the claimant, the claimants' wife and the Mediator to see what he was really up to. Needless to say the claim settled for a fraction of the potential exposure. This result would not have occurred without this surveillance.

I want to express my gratitude for all your company does when other Private Investigators come up short. You never give up on difficult cases when it means weekend work as well as direct contact with adjusters at their request no matter the time of day. Your help is always is appreciated.
Carol Barnett - Adjuster

The Robert N. Dani Inc. Investigative Agency is someone that our company regularly calls when we need investigations performed on our Workers' Compensation claims. They are ready and eager to go to any corner of the state to perform surveillance. They keep us updated as to their ongoing progress on each claim. They get results! One particular claim comes to mind when talking about their work product. Due to their ongoing persistence, they were able to get excellent video of someone being very physically active, while that individual told his doctors he was unable to perform any physical activities. The judge ordered termination of his benefits once he was made aware of his activities. Our company has worked with Robert N. Dani Inc. Investigative Agency for over 10 years, and plan to continue to do so for many years to come.
Sandy Beaver - Workers Compensation Supervisor

I am writing to extend my sincere appreciation for your prompt and very professional help recently. My company has been engaged in a protracted and complicated investigation involving many witnesses and an intricate set of facts relating to a toxic mold claim. Your assistance in locating and taking recorded statements from two particularly challenging witnesses in Oklahoma was helpful in the defense of the claim. Your service was immediate, the quality of your work was excellent, and your invoice for services rendered was reasonable. Sincerly,
Charles W. Rettstadt - Research North Inc.

Robert N. Dani Inc. has been one of the best investments that my company could have made in the fight against Workers Compensation fraud. The return on our investment has paid dividends when we combine the efforts of our corporate security department and the skills of the Robert N. Dani Inc. Investigative Agency. Their work is top notch when it comes to professionalism and their reports are both comprehensive and timely. I have never had to question the integrity of their work. Compared to other investigative companies we have used, Robert N. Dani Inc. is the best of the best. I wouldn't use anyone else.
Thomas D. Jordan Chaparral Energy