investigative agency

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Even though your agency is licensed in various states, are your individual investigators licensed for each state as well?

Ans: Yes, Robert N. Dani Inc. requires that all of its investigators be licensed individually for each state that Robert N. Dani Inc. services.

Ques: Are you able to cover the entire state for which you are licensed in?

Ans: Yes, Robert N. Dani Inc. capabilities are vast and have no difficulties servicing our client requested needs.

Ques: Does your company carry liability and workers compensation insurance?

Ans: Yes, Robert N. Dani Inc. carries the necessary insurance coverage. Our insurance coverage is provided to our clients upon request.

Ques: Will your company provide daily updates on the progression of the assignments?

Ans: Yes, Robert N. Dani Inc. prides itself to provide daily communications with our clients via telephone, facsimile, and email.

Ques: Does your company have the capabilities to perform surveillance in more discreet areas?

Ans: Yes, Robert N. Dani Inc. has the technology and knowledge to successfully conduct surveillance in such areas.

Ques: Does your company outsource your assignments to other subcontracted investigators?

Ans: No, when assignments are assigned to Robert N. Dani Inc. then an employee of the Robert N. Dani Inc. will complete the assignment.
Under state statutes you are not allowed to hire outside contractors and then put your company's name on the report and other labels.

Ques: Is your company able to successfully obtain identifiable video in rural and remote areas?

Ans: Yes, Robert N. Dani Inc. prides itself to give the confidence needed to our clients that no matter what the assignment may be,
Robert N. Dani Inc. can successfully produce the required information and documentation.

Ques: Is your company equipped to be present in court if needed?

Ans: Yes, Robert N. Dani Inc. is equipped to fulfill all the needs of our clients from start to finish.