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About Us

In 1987 Robert N. Dani, Inc was started with the goal to provide the insurance industry a better product to protect policyholders and the insurance industry from potential insurance fraud. Robert N. Dani, Inc. had a common goal and the expectation to build a company on the sound principal of honesty for its clients and the industry that it would serve.

Robert N. Dani, Inc. today, after many years and thousands of investigations, offers that peace of mind to our clients of getting the job done correctly. Our company will diligently work in a manner that generally makes a negative claim or other problems into a better resolve for our clients.

Let us be your eyes and ears in handling your sensitive matters. partner links Mr. Mike Noland at Noland, Pettigrew & Bruce, P.C.
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Oklahoma City, OK 73120
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Mr. Daniel K. Jones Attorney at Mills & Jones, P.L.L.C.
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